Whats Up With That? - Katy Byrne

Valentines Day, the aftermath

Being single in Sonoma on Valentine’s Day, to put it bluntly, sucks. I miss conversations under my half of the electric blanket with... Continue

A New Year, what to do?

Still full from fattening fun or dysfunctional family functions, I’m facing the New Year bursting with hairballs (like cat’s have.)... Continue

Dear Santa, send money

Money, money, money. It’s on most of our minds, particularly during gifting season. I’m trying to keep my sense of humor about... Continue

Out of the blue

Hope and sadness are strange bedfellows. I struggle with depression this time of year. The dark weather drags down my inner enthusiast.... Continue

Is therapy effective?

It’s charming to be witty, but being humorous about being a psychotherapist is almost impossible. Humans are funny people, but the... Continue

Anger, panic and hope

I’m angry that there’s so much violence on TV; I’m enraged that animals are still mistreated, I’m furious that cancer is epidemic... Continue

On shaky ground

Just when I was finishing this column the earthquake hit. So, now my writing rolls a different way. Good God, what a week! The world... Continue

Dealing with it

To tell you the truth I hate to write about loneliness and death again, but it seems that these are inevitable experiences in my life.... Continue

Poop happens

Why is the subject of poop so important in Sonoma? We take great pride in our lovely town, and we argue constantly about whether to... Continue

High temperatures, rising tempers

The Fourth of July was bubbling with fun, except the booming firecrackers scared my dogs to death. Willie trembled as we hid in my... Continue