Whats Up With That? - Katy Byrne

Consumed by a weight-loss culture

What’s eating me? I’m so tired of the pressure to lose weight! I don’t think anyone in California ever feels thin enough. What’s... Continue

Money, death and spring

I know it’s the beginning of spring and we’re supposed to lighten up, but I have a hairball tonight. Sometimes I just have to get... Continue

Community rocks

We are all challenged with something… death, divorce, illness, money issues, bad coffee, who knows what. It all makes community connection... Continue

Keep the change

This time of year even people with a lot of money worry about money. An average American spends $786 on Christmas gifts. And now, with... Continue

Untangling unhappy endings

Holiday hairballs abound this time of year. Some relationships have ended. As we reflect back, we realize that some stopped abruptly... Continue

It’s the people

This week was tough. I woke up feeling worried, with a sense of dread. Why? I wasn’t sure. Maybe it was the upcoming holidays and... Continue

What ever happened to comfortable furniture?

Recently I was sitting on a little bitty chair at a café, back hunched over, neck scrunched down. “Why is this table so low it hits... Continue

If the shoe fits

I was standing in the shower the other night when I peered down at my feet. They Have carried me through life and I had never thanked... Continue

Weighing in

Why are there ‘fat people’ jokes and stereotypes? People shouldn’t be criticized for being heavy. Whatever happened to the voluptuous... Continue

Dog gone it

I found a pooch in the traffic this week as tired drivers skidded around him. Holding onto his collar in the summer heat, I walked... Continue